Powerful Viral Docs

We create in-depth, fast-paced viral content for big outlets that gets noticed. 

How we do it

We are experts in telling powerful stories that reach a mass audience. Your company has important stories to tell and we can help you do so. 

Is there a specific campaign, a difficult challenge or any noteworthy facet of your company that deserves mainstream attention?

We can tell that story and pitch it to our close contacts at NowThis, Discovery+ and other major outlets. 

Our recent releases by the numbers:

  • 55+ Million Views
  • 300,000+ Reactions
  • 200,000+ Comments
  • 150,000+ Shares

*On average each doc has 10+ million views

Our Recent Docs

The Save Movement:
A heated but poignant debate is captured between activists and farmer outside a New Jersey slaughterhouse


The Fight to Ban Live Animal Markets:
Documenting 80+ wet markets in NYC during a global pandemic


We Are Their Voice | The Regan Russell Story:
A powerful doc about an activist killed while peacefully protesting animal ag in Toronto, CA


The Face of Fashion is Fear:
A short doc about what really happens to animals in the fashion industry


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