CaveLight Films is a full service production company that creates compelling viral content that generates passionate, genuine and highly relevant engagement with tens of millions of views.

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CaveLight Films is a full-service production house founded with the principle mission to be a force for positive social change.

Our content generates passionate, genuine and highly relevant engagement that has tens of millions of views.

Jordan Ehrlich, Director
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CaveLight Films will produce a highly engaging video campaign that captures the impact and culmination of Robin Hood’s groundbreaking Capital/Real Estate initiative

“This ad will intercut between these “slightly” over-exaggerated activities…

  • Scene 1 – The Gym: Morty is lifting a 250 pound weight above his head with both hands, barely breaking a sweat as his friends chant his name:
    • Group: Morty! Morty! Morty! (his phone rings, he answers while still easily holding weight up, now with just one hand)
    • Morty: Sorry, can’t talk. Hands full. (hangs up, friends cheer). 
    • Group: Morty! Morty!
  • Scene 2 – Music Room: A diverse group of residents are performing a beautifully complex concerto in what seems like an opulent orchestra hall as a staff member walks in and interrupt:
    • Staff: Hey it’s time for dinner guys.
    • Group continue playing. Staff member says something unintelligible over music.
    • Betsy: Sorry, can’t hear. Too loud. Come back later.
  • Scene 3 – Ping Pong Tourney: Two residents, Carla and Donny are hitting ball back and forth at olympic champion level speed:
    • Carla gets a FaceTime call from grandkids.
    • She keeps hitting the ball back with the same pace and precision without looking as she accepts the FaceTime.
    • Carla: Hey kiddos! Visit anytime. K. Bye. (she hangs up quickly without ever having stopped hitting ball back and continues on)
  • Scene 4 – Fun Overlooking the River: A high stakes domino game is on the line as residents crowd around:
    • Samuel has the winning piece but gets interrupted by a friend who is visiting.
    • He waves them off as tension mounts. Then slams down the winning piece with pride.
    • Samuel: Domino! (half the crown cheers, half the crowd boos, as opponent curses, “BEEEP”
  • Wrap up with montage of best images and drone shot of the river with voice over tagline: Learn more about our 32-acre campus at


A hard-hitting reporter’s investigation tries to expose the truth of RiverWalk. But their case is foiled when the real truth reveals–RiverWalk is better than one could imagine.

This 1-minute ad will be edited like a high-end investigative film trailer with beautiful images of the river, the grounds and the residents as reporter’s voice over eerily asks, “what are they hiding? It all seems too good to be true…”

  • Scene 1:  Samuel 84 witty, funny, walks with cane, slowly sits down for a big on-camera interview:
    • Reporter: So you just do what you want, meet new people, go on walks with river views and eat great food? REALLY?”  
    • Samuel: Ya, that’s what I said… (he looks off camera to lighting person)…  Is he deaf?
    • Reporter is embarrassed but still suspicious. 
  • Scene 2: Staff member is approached by reporter while doing routine check-in with Gladis, a beloved resident:
    • Reporter: Give me the scoop on the staff, what happens here at night when no one’s looking? 
    • Staff Member: We check on them, and it’s mostly people sleeping.
    • Reporter: Oh.
    • Gladis suddenly exclaims: She is the absolute worst… (reporter perks up for gotcha moment)… She never lets me eat a third desert.
    • Staff Member: Gladis is a drama queen. The staff and I all love it here. The residents and us, we’re like family. Gladis reaches out to hold her hand.
    • Reporter writes down on his notes: “Get along TOO well?” 
  • Scene 3: Tilly 79 and Harlod 85, met and started dating at RiverWalk. The reporter approaches them on their daily walk near river:
    • Reporter: “So you met here and have been dating for 3 years and it’s not just for show? 
    • Harold to Tilly: What show? We’re going to a show?
    • Tilly to reporter: “Ignore him, yes, 3 years.”
    • Reporter: Ok, what’s his middle name? What’s his grand children’s names? (asked in rapid fire succession). 
    • Tilly answers back easily in rapid fire succession.
    • Then couple look at each other lovingly and say something sweet to one another. 
    • Reporter starts tearing up a bit: Hmmm, that’s really beautiful actually.  
    • Other residents walk into frame holding towel and ping pong paddles blocking part of camera: Tilly, whats with the whole production, we have things to do! 
  • After multiple dead-ends, the reporter makes closing remarks over scenic views and beautiful close ups of residents:
    • Reporter: Well that was a waste of time. This place is great.
    • He makes call to his elderly parents:  Hey Dad, I think I found the exact place you’ve been looking for, it’s called RiverWalk” 
    • Mom off camera: What about the river, can you see the river?
    • Reporter: Mom, uh. Yes. 
  • Wrap up with drone shot of the river with voice over tagline: Learn more about our 32-acre campus at


They are anything but Basic. Watch as the the residents of RiverWalk show how they are so over Adulting.

This ad will intercut between the following…

  • Scene 1: A group of ladies are primping in the bathroom. They are gabbing like teens as they get ready for a night out:
    • Suzzie: You’re eyebrows are On Fleek Gladis. 
    • Gladis: I know, my Bae is gonna love this.
  • Scene 2: A group of stylish men are playing cards as they give each other dating advice:
    • Gene: Is asking ‘want to Netflix and chill’ too forward?
    • Sam: No way. That’s so Turnt. 
    • Roland: I don’t think you’re using that right.  
    • Sam: Hashtag, sorry not sorry.
  • Scene 3: A group of men and women doing yoga overlooking river:
    • A resident in the middle of the class is doing an especially hard yoga stance. 
    • A resident in the back yells: Yaaaass queen! 
    • Everyone laughs as someone says: Pics or it didn’t happen!
  • Scene 4: Morty is taking his daily Influencer selfie with the river in the background as a few residents walking by stop:
    • Resident 1: Nice pose, that is so on brand for you Morty… So lit.
    • Resident 2: Ya if sleepy is his brand.
    • Morty:  I can’t even with you, fam.
  • Wrap up with montage of best images and drone shot of the river with voice over tagline: Learn more about our 32-acre campus at



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