The Animal Issue

A bold new initiative examining the effects of animal agriculture throughout our society.

The Animal Issue is an ongoing journalistic endeavor packed with original thought-provoking thoroughly researched content. Yet we don’t shy away from commentary or advocacy.

Real Ad Campaign


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Mimicking viral animal videos, this video highlights the inconsistencies between public sentiment towards animals and how we actually treat them.


The intent of this series was to match the intensity and trauma animals face leading up to slaughter with the most dramatic movie scenes of all time.

Our first installment is Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon’s famous scene from Mystic River reenacted by real animals.

By The Numbers

50 to 90 Billion farm animals are slaughtered every year worldwide

50% of those animals come from “Factory Farms” or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

Meaning, even by the most conservative estimates, there are tens of billions of animals at any given time that are being systematically tortured on these farms


A PERSONAL ESSAY by Jordan Ehrlich – Director, CaveLight Films

How and why would the people I love and respect the most allow themselves to be culpable in the worst atrocity in human history?

I don’t mean ‘worst’ in a hyperbolic subjective way. I also don’t mean to cause any offense. I only mean it in a clinically empirical objective way to describe the worst atrocity in terms of scope, scale and duration of torture that’s ever been committed in all of recorded history…