Unique Animated Shorts That Get People to Think Differently

As a Brooklyn based animation and media production company, our edgy, funny and highly-sharable shorts tackle tough issues in a non-threatening way to get even the most stubborn-minded person to reconsider their views.

An Animation For You!

People have a lot of questions when it comes to plant-based products.

Does it have GMOs or processed ingredients?
Is it really that much better for the environment?
Are most farm animals really treated poorly?  

We can tackle these issues with creative animated storytelling that fits your style.

Our Recent Animations

We specifically crafted these animations to fit the needs of the client or message.

Extreme Model Refuses to Wear Animals 

features Australian model Emma Hakansson, who refuses to wear animals for any reason, even when big brands are willing to pay her cold hard cash to do so. This viral animation was shared widely, including on PETA Australia’s social platforms and various fashion and animal-rights related sites.

Freedom 4 All?

features Jane Velez-Mitchell, a nationally known TV journalist and best-selling author, rails against progressives who fight for change while still supporting animal agriculture.


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